Apartament Tamara Lempicka

Pokój nr 2

Kraków, ul. Zacisze 12


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About the apartment

Apartment Tamara Lempicka

The apartment has an area of 22 m2, which is designed for two people. The flat has a view of the Zacisze street. The room is equipped with a very comfortable double bed, table, armchair, air conditioning, fridge, free Wi-Fi, private bathroom. It has access to a fully equipped kitchen. The interior is distinguished by the deep sea green of the walls, on which hangs reproductions of Tamara Lempicka – Polish painter of the art deco era.

This apartment is a perfect place for guests who want to spend unforgettable moments with a loved one in Krakow. It is also ideal for people traveling alone.

Atuty obiektu

  • Apartamentyrodzinne
  • Bezpłatnewifi
  • Miejscaparkingowe
  • Transferz lotniska
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